This site is for gay guys who are primarily turned on  by RUBBER BOOTS (including  RUBBER WADERS/HIP BOOTS).
It is also for guys who are turned on by guys who wear RUBBER BOOTS for work and/or play - farmers, firemen, sewer workers, tunnellers, construction workers, fishermen, bikers etc.
If these are the sort of things that turn you on, then this site is for you.

The owner of this site is a RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOT,  WADER/HIPBOOT and RUBBER slave that is owned by  RUBBERSUITEDMASTER.   it now posesses 135 pairs of RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTS and WADERS/HIPBOOTS and  IS REQUIRED to wear  ONLY RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTS OR WADERS on its feet AT ALL TIMES 24/7/365 WITHOUT EXCEPTION, both indoors and when going out in public, no matter what the weather, where it is going or what clothes it is wearing.   it MUST wear ONLY WADERS/HIPBOOTS all day every day on Mondays and Fridays .  it MUST ALWAYS wear RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTS or WADERS/HIPBOOTS  in bed every night and sleep on a RUBBER sheet and RUBBER pillowcases.      it is NOT  PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to wear any other form of footwear at any time and was obliged to dispose or destroy all other footwear some time ago.

The RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTS/HIPBOOTS MUST normally ALWAYS be worn so that they are fully visible and everyone can see that it is wearing them.   This is particularly important when the weather is hot.    When wearing RUBBER  WADERS/HIP BOOTS they MUST ALWAYS be pulled up to their full height and fully visible to their full height so that everyone can see that it is wearing RUBBER WADERS/HIP BOOTS.

In addition, this slave MUST wear a RUBBER suit next to its body 24/7/365 both during the day and in bed at night.   When this slave goes out on its own it must ALWAYS wear either a rubber coat or an oilskin coat with  elbow length rubber gloves on top so that it is always seen in public in full rubber or oilskins  whatever the weather.    Further this slave MUST be PERMANENTLY locked into a chastity device (CB3000) 24/7/365 so that it can NEVER AT ANY TIME masturbate or cum so that its thoughts and mind can be concentrated on RUBBER and RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTS at all times and it does not waste its time or energies on other things..

  At weekends, this slave MUST wear a full RUBBER suit, RUBBER coat, RUBBER  gloves and the RUBBER WELLINGTONS or WADERS/HIPBOOTS prescribed by its MASTER and these MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES  WITHOUT EXCEPTION both indoors and when going out ( see picture at the top of this page).   The make and type of RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTS or  WADERS/HIPBOOTS and also the make and type of RUBBER coat are specified by its MASTER in advance and these specifications are not permitted to be deviated from.     When walking around, the RUBBER/WATERPROOF coat must, when required, be kept open so that everyone can see it is wearing a RUBBER suit and RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTS or WADERS/HIPBOOTS.   it must also work towards being GASMASKED AT ALL TIMES at weekends and MUST ALWAYS     also sleep in its FULL RUBBER SUIT, RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOTSand RUBBER GLOVES on RUBBER sheets, under a RUBBER covered duvet and with RUBBER pillowcases.  

This RUBBER slave is proud to be seen ALWAYS AND FOR EVER in RUBBER and RUBBER BOOTS and to be known to everyone as a RUBBER slave and fetishist.  Subject to the agreement of my Master, this slave is available on loan to other RUBBER MASTERS for use as a RUBBER slave.  In this case please EMAIL it.

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There is a club called The Wellington Boot Club which I created for those guys who are SPECIFICALLY turned on by Rubber Wellington Boots and would like to contact others with the same interests.   If you are interested in joining,
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I have made a  couple of videos called  "Men in Rubber Boots 1" and "Men in Rubber Boots 2".    If you would like to have more details CLICK HERE

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