Rubber Wellington Boots are normal footwear

This is a club for guys who love rubber wellington boots, love wearing them and are turned on SPECIFICALLY, PRIMARILY OR EXCLUSIVELY by them.   It is NOT for rubber guys who sometimes wear rubber boots with their rubber gear or regard rubber boots as an adjunct to their other rubber gear but ONLY for those guys for whom rubber boots are the PRIME, ESSENTIAL AND MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT of their sexual interests.

The club is to enable those guys who love rubber wellington boots  to contact each other and be able to talk freely and openly about their rubber boots and activities, to exchange information about them and possibly if visiting a town where another rubber boot guy lives, to meet for a chat or whatever about rubber boots.

The main feature of the club will be a special Web page where the names/nicknames, email addresses, name of town and country and other details of the members will be displayed but will be accessible ONLY to those guys who have applied to join the club and whose application has been accepted.

I believe that many lovers of rubber boots keep their love of these very close and closeted in the belief that they are the only ones with this "peculiar" fetish and one purpose of the club is to enable such people to find others with similar interests and realise that they are not alone.

If you wish to join the club please email me for details and I will send you a questionnaire.   However I emphasize again that membership of the club is restricted to those guys who truly love rubber boots and are real rubber boot fetishists.

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